Tune: Emerson Snowe – “Sunlight Through My Window”

May 22, 2017

For just a bright moment, Emerson Snowe tries to escape stress and technology on “Sunlight Through My Window.” Brisbane’s Emerson Snowe is the musical diary of Jarrod Mahon. Darker and more eclectic than his work as the bassist in The Creases and more artfully arranged than his demos, Jarrod’s plunky pop as Emerson Snowe is lo-fi delight with sadness inside.

“Sunlight Through My Window” ripples with glee and also frustration. Leading with a folk guitar riff and launching forward with a sigh, the song impatiently searches for a release to the beat of a drum machine. The chorus is a self-affirming mantra that holds firmly to the physical and metaphorical warmth of sunny rays streaming through a bedroom window. Both in the swelling rise of fuzzy instrumentation and the changing vocal delivery of the refrain, Jarrod accurately captures a moment of realness and joy between the relatable struggle of looking to technology for that same irreplicable feeling. Twirl amongst the clicks and clacks of his whole twinkling Could You Love Me? EP below.


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