One Swell Day

One Swell Day: Alex Napping

May 24, 2017

Alex Napping make the kind of music that is always moving forward. Primarily gentle pop jams sprinkled with colorfully kinetic guitars comprise the NYC/Austin-based band’s sophomore album, Mise En Place. Whether wading through heavy emotions in a whisper or ricochetting between bright guitar tones, Alex Cohen’s angelic lilt leaves a trail of longing through the collection of tender songs that is easy to follow. Impressively dynamic song arrangements bring life to Cohen’s stories of the ephemeral highs and vacuous lows of love and the result is a dream-like kaleidoscope of pop.

Neighborhood pal and Swell Tone’s visual expert Bob Sweeney and PhilaMOCA‘s own Sean helped us take Alex Napping on a very small field trip when they came to town earlier this month. Bob snapped some portraits of the band around the city and Sean confidently assured us all that we would not die in our ascent to and descent from the roof. Those color-coordinated portraits are above along with a few photos that the band snapped for us on a disposable camera before the show. They’ve also compiled for us an eclectic playlist of things they were listening to on tour. It’s got a little bit of everything: certified hits from multiple decades, sensual pop, a Brazilian ballad, and (of course) some Lil Yachty. Flip through the photos above while you unwind to the tunes below and it will feel just like you were there too.

ALEX NAPPING: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Bandcamp

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