Video: Kane Strang – “Oh So You’re Off I See”

March 2, 2017

Kane Strang‘s askew indie rock is immediately engaging. We’ve been big fans of the New Zealand artist’s punchy tracks since he self-released Blue Cheese back in 2015. Within every part of his music, Strang always finds a way to infuse the unexpected without sacrificing any melodic satisfaction. His latest track, “Oh So You’re Off I See,” stays true to Strang’s lack of traditional form but adds a polish that allows his angular sadness to linger longer. The song’s brand new clip by Julian Vares mirrors the peculiarity of Strang’s songwriting, splintering the band between the bounties of nature as they strum, drum, and sing along. It is just wrong enough to be right.

Come see Kane and the gang this Sunday night (March 5th) at Johnny Brenda’s with Chain of Flowers and Marge. We’ll certainly be there.

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