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Playlist: Got Me Lyfted

March 3, 2017

Suga Suga, are you my ride?

Whether you’ve had too many drinks, live in a city and have no car, or just feel like treating yourself to a chauffeur, we’ve all depended on someone to get us where we need to go. There are few circumstances in which we’re less vulnerable than when we desperately wait on a corner to get in to a stranger’s car (that you hope won’t be driving you to an abandoned warehouse). Our playlist for the week is designed to fill all the tense moments between sending out an SOS signal and the heart-lifting notification that your ride has arrived. Driven drums matching to match the clatter of too-high heels and abruptly oscillating chords to follow the quick shifting of your danger-surveying eyeballs, we have the perfect soundtrack to your waiting game. Put in those earbuds and wash away the anxiety of small talk and uncertainty with tracks that turn heads and hopefully wheels.

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