Video: The Walters – “She’s Gonna Leave You”

January 13, 2017

Four things we love: The Walters, a well-executed head tilt, color-coordinated sweating, and (of course) fake exercising. Lucky for us and for you, the Chicago quintet’s new video includes all of those things and more. We haven’t heard from our beloved hunk gang in a bit but this latest track is welcome return that finds the band turning up the intensity. “She’s Gonna Leave You” is mellow pop heartbreak prevention that gently but emphatically leads you to realization. The Walters’ pop songwriting is as swoon-worthy as ever. Propelled by that massive, almost searing hook, “She’s Gonna Leave You” weaves a dreamy blanket of electric guitar that settles in the verses on a steady stream of quarter notes.

Just as you think there’s no hope, the band fits in a heavenly, reassuring bridge reflected perfectly in the consoling stares of the moving band portraits in the song’s clip. Director Kristina Pedersen uses the visuals to bring out both the sweet and sassy sides of The Walters as they sweat it out in a series of minimal effort exercises only to end with unexpected results. Watch twenty times and you’ll be down two pounds from crying and incessantly tapping your feet.

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