Tune: Water Temple – “New Thing”

January 27, 2017

Water Temple is a familiar Philadelphia band that has reincarnated into a psychedelic group flush with vibrant instrumentation and a new name to match. Formerly known as Chad Avery, the four piece has evolved the lo-fi pop solo project of Chad Snyder into a full-fledged rock band that still maintains the light-hearted glow of Chad’s original recordings. “New Thing,” their appropriately titled new single, is the first off of their upcoming EP, Sleep To This. Originally envisioned as an acoustic track, the song soars in a colorful arrangement bolstered by the addition of Richard Straub on drums. High-flying harmonies and melodic layering lift the chorus’s pleading declaration into a resounding wall of unified sound. Delivered realistically in simple truths, the lyrics grapple with an appropriate level of love-entangled vanity. There’s a satisfying quality to the song that stems from its mirroring dualities. Its guitar tones and melody remain bright and cheerful while its sentiments spiral through uncertainties, insecurities and a hint of desperation. “New Thing” delights in a constant, playful call and response that leaves us wanting more from Water Temple. We’ll get that on February 10th when their Sleep To This EP is released.

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