Video: Broadway Sounds – “Ah Ring Ah Ting Ting”

December 21, 2016

Melbourne trio Broadway Sounds brings to life their ecstatic afro-punk through the glitching glamor of a dog show and human grooming in their new clip for “Ah Ring Ah Ting Ting.”

Even before the release of this clip, we’ve been listening to this peppy tune on repeat. A rhythmically charged tunnel with all the right unexpected turns, the track is chock-full of both subtle and blaring textures that are designed to make any listener feel more alive. From the call-and-response vocals only fluctuating between two notes to the saxophone interludes and tickles of synth poking through, it’s hard not to succumb to the song’s eclectic heartbeat. Much like the track, the visuals of pop with an inside look at the ins and outs of a dog show and pamper routines for adults. There is an underlying grandeur and an understated charm in the song that the video’s director and editor, Tobias Wills, matches perfectly in the shot choices and pacing of the video. Who doesn’t love a good bit of dog show drama? The combination of the flurry of beats and primping visuals is as majestic as it is engaging. We’re sincerely looking forward to anything new from Broadway Sounds and would like to extend them an open invitation to soundtrack a semi-sensual dance party for us here in Philadelphia any time they are in town.

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