One Swell Day

One Swell Day: free cake for every creature

December 5, 2016

free cake for every creature is a mantra we believe in and a band we’ve had a big music crush on since Walla Fest 2014. A simple set of home recordings from Katie Bennett has blossomed impressively over time into a full band and this year’s talking quietly of anything with you. free cake for every creature turns tiny details into soft portraits of a youthful existence lived with the utmost honesty. Both blissfully happy and worryingly sad, Katie’s songwriting leaves no emotion carefully unturned. Her whispered confessionals feel like a peek through a rose-colored kaleidoscope pointed directly at her daily life. By herself with an acoustic guitar or chugging along with the support and added glimmer of the rest of the band, Katie’s big-hearted, little songs feel just right.

Katie and the gang took some pictures for us on a disposable camera during their shows last month and some band time in between. Chock-full of knowing looks, the snaps capture the band in their natural habitat sticking together to continue making beautiful music during a weird time of stressful societal events. Once again, Heeyoon (Boosegumps) is everywhere and we couldn’t be happier about it. Katie also made us a playlist that glows with reassurance in the same sort of way that her own music does. She picked all the right deep cuts that pluck the same heartstrings. Listen, look and feel right at home above and below.

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