Video: T-Shirt – “Sledgehammer”

November 4, 2016

T-Shirt immediately sound familiar, welcoming, and even a bit playful. The young French band have a bright pop/rock blend that is clearly influenced by indie rock of the 90’s. Enhanced by solid songwriting and executed with subtle textures, their music charges into something special. T-Shirt’s first single, “Sledgehammer,” is an urgent rush of colliding guitars. The dissonance between the violent visual depicted in the song’s refrain and the gentle breaths in which it’s delivered paints enchanting flashes of darkness. As frantic as the tune’s strummed chords, the mind-bending clip flips through fleeting colors, shapes, body part close-ups while the band performs amongst brick walls.

Check out the rest of their brand new EP, Big Swerves Lead to Problems in the End, below. Each song is its own sort of fantastic and the whole thing will charm you in just over 10 minutes.

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