Tune: ILUKA -“Blue Jean Baby”

November 23, 2016

ILUKA has written a renegade anthem for reliving all the best moments of summertime escapism. The Sydney-based artist has been making dusty-coated pop for years but really seems to have hit her stride on her latest single. A loud and fast search for sunshine,  “Blue Jean Baby” has all the elements of those kind of pop songs you just can’t forget. Much like the open-road, there’s a freedom embedded in the soar of the lightly breathed chorus that hits home at the ending vocal bend. ILUKA quick rambles through dark verses of frustration that build a sturdy base for the suspenseful pre-chorus. Darkness and light charge forward together in agreement that one good cure for stagnancy is to get in the car and drive. In less than four minutes, “Blue Jean Baby” will make you feel some of the warmth we all seem to have lost in this past month and give you a particularly catchy avenue to release all those other pent up feelings.

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