Videos: Tacocat Y-Not Radio Session

October 24, 2016

No band has more fun commenting on societal issues and icons than Seattle’s Tacocat. Packing upbeat sass in a punchy package of riffs and sing-a-long choruses, Tacocat knows how to set your whole body in motion with topical pop. I’ve always wondered if their live performances were as insatiably addictive as their catchy catalogue and it turns out that they most definitely are. The band stopped by Spice House Sound here in Philadelphia to record a live session with Y-Not Radio. Our pal Bob Sweeney captured live versions of “The Internet” and “Dana Katherine Scully” on video which you can swing your hips to or just watch above and below!

Tacocat | Y-Not Radio | Spice House Sound | Bob Sweeney

Tune in HERE for the full interview!

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