Video: i don’t wanna die in here – “i hate you the best”

October 17, 2016

Our friends at Citrus City always bring us the most unexpectedly life-affirming, lo-fi gems and the first ever track from i don’t wanna die in here is no exception. Glowing sadness personified in calming lines of synth, “i hate you the best” is short but meaningful. It pulses through the anxiety of a love that is desired but not yet shared. Starting off their first album exercise simply and courageously, “i hate you the best” wades through the anxiety of those feelings in a yearning melody layered in two octaves and a gentle harmony. The clip is just as warmly heartbreaking. Flickering in time with the heartbeat of the song, the video’s surrounding darkness and bright light echo the lonely sentiment that consumes the song. All together, it hurts so good in a honest, lo-fi kind of way. i don’t wanna die in here’s first album, exercise, is out October 31st on Citrus City Records.

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