EP: Daisy Glaze – Heavenly Bodies

October 27, 2016

Daisy Glaze has finally swirled into the Philadelphia music scene with an ominously fluttering first EP. For months, an Instagram account going by the same name as the band has been liking tons of our photos and posting heaps of pastel, abstract, and gothic pictures of their own that have left us wondering. Today, they released their first music into the world in the form of short but pleasantly haunting EP entitled Heavenly Bodies. And now… it all makes sense. The group use the three songs on the EP to create an ethereal kaleidoscope of sound that circulates amongst dark clouds of synth.Washed in shades of psychedelic rock, shoegaze, and dream pop, the songs are both light and heavy at the same time. Adrianne, Buddy, Lynna, Sean, and Scott come together to form a haze, holding tightly to the repetition of the melodic riffs as they gradually become mantras. “Icy Tongues” echoes like a unanswerable question rattling around and becoming lost inside a wandering mind. The superbly timed build and sweet release of the harmonious call and response in “Transparent Lover” is a testament to the many collective years the band’s members have spent in the industry. But, nothing hits home quite like “September 30th.” There’s a sunny fuzz quality to it’s billowing instrumentation that reminds us of the musical equivalent of heat shimmer. It’s visual lyrics collide perfectly with the reverberating guitars. All together, the trio of songs melt into a chimera of pop worth repeating. Heavenly Bodies is less about details and more about the all-consuming atmosphere. Dive in below.

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