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Playlist: Girl Power Through

September 30, 2016

This one’s for the girls… and from them too.

We here at Swell Tone love a good bit of pop, especially when it’s made by ladies. Femme pop is the genre we sing loudest in the car and the one that best helps us to power through all the not-so-lovely parts of life. Whether blasting in headphones on an exhausting commute or from the big speaker during a “deep clean” of the house, this week’s playlist is designed to inspire you to keep movin’ and groovin’. It’s a heavy dose of pop with a dash of touch of rock, a hint of rap, and oodles of girl power. Motivation reverberates from the pulsing synths and booming basslines while the lyrics vibrantly cast off the bad and bubble up with goodness. Let these musical pick-me-ups help you get down with your girly self or at least make it through.

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