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Flix Mix: Theo Lloyd-Hughes Soundtracks Working Girl

September 9, 2016

Theo Lloyd-Hughes of  Sports Day Records soundtracked Working Girl for our latest Flix Mix!

Combining our love of gluing our eyeballs to the continuous stream of content on Netflix and swell tunes, we’ve created a new feature where music people we love make their own soundtrack to their favorite Netflix selection. Currently residing in Austin, Texas, Theo Lloyd-Hughes is an expert music curator across genres and A+ label dad at Sports Day Records. He’s the kind of person that is fully supportive from the birth of a great new music project and the perfect person to go to for some new music to love. Here’s what he thought the hustle and bustle and swish of big hair sounded like in Working Girl:

Hair, hubris and Harrison Ford…these are just three of the things that will keep you glued to the wonderful tale of business life as a women in 1980s New York City.

Working Girl places the intelligent and aggressive Tess McGill in the cooperate macho world of 1980s Manhattan life. Opening scenes drip with material flair, drum machines and perms as we observe lots of different types of people, in the twinkling backdrop of the 5 boroughs, commuting to work.Tess has a lot of good ideas about how to make money in the big leagues of high finance but she is just a secretary with too much hair. A secretary who rides the Staten Island ferry to work.

This film is an interesting entity that represents 1980s capitalist culture but also how women can compete in the business world. Tess is very in tune with her sexuality and very aware of the masculinity, strength and intimidation of other successful women – in this case, the CEO of the company: Sigourney Weaver. Working Girl is an easy watch, with a nail biting narrative and some interesting politics underneath its shoulder pads.

What brings Working Girl down is its terrible soundtrack, featuring several Carly Simon ballads written specially for the film. Hopefully, this playlist will light up the themes, feelings and flavours of 1980s New York hustle better than the original sounds did. I chose tracks that highlight the struggle for someone to stay true to themselves whilst they strive to achieve their dreams, as well as tracks that show off dynamic 80s production and multi-cultural city noise and panache. Definitely give it a watch.

Follow Theo Lloyd-Hughes on Twitter and go watch Working Girl on Netflix!

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