Video: AURORA – Nothing is Eternal (A Documentary)

August 4, 2016

No one embraces the magic of life more tightly than AURORA. From the moment I heard her first major single “Awakening,” that special ethereal touch she gives every note of her anthemic pop was evident. Seeing her live for the first time at CMJ in 2014 only reinforced her enrapturing presence as musician, performer, and creative being. In a world where artists are forced into brands that redefine them as a more marketable version of themselves, the young Norwegian pop star is simply able to let her own majestic spirit blossom.

THE FADER and YouTube Music combined to create a mini-documentary that shows AURORA to be exactly the curious creature her music suggests. From childhood to present day, the film follows AURORA through her hometown of Bergen, Norway, New York City, and random hideaways, revealing her character through chats with her family and friends. Refreshing and insightful, the mini-documentary her interactions with the world to be driven by a child-like wonder and ever-pressing need to give the world more of the gift she’s been given: music.

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