Tune: Space Mountain – “Never Lonely”

August 2, 2016

Space Mountain fills in the holes made by heartache with his latest single “Never Lonely.” Boston’s Cole Kinsler melds a sinking world of guitars around the forlorn lilt of Forth Wanderers‘ Ava Trilling as the subdued track slowly fades into nothing. Like a soft, swelling heart tucked in a kaleidoscopic ribcage of riffs and chords, “Never Lonely” rises and falls within a gently rocking sea of longing. It hits the peak of its magic mid-way through when a brief pause gives way to Kinsler’s baritone and Trilling’s pleading voice joining together for the most powerful iteration of the song’s refrain. Sonically and lyrically, the song gently soothes the emotion it expresses. “Never Lonely” is the first single off of Space Mountain’s full-length, Big Sky, out 8/26 on Dust Etc.

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