July 12, 2016

Wax Witches wade through a dimly lit bedrooms in their video for “Danny Delete.” Sydney’s Alex Wall (aka Wax Witches) has a knack for mashing the ambience of shoegaze with the grit of garage rock. “Danny Delete” showcases his ability to combine darkness and light into a riff-heavy amalgamation of the most accessible parts of multiple genres. A slow-moving tour through a color-coded house, the video epitomizes the high points of youthful partying. Soaking the spaces in jewel tones and adapting the frame rate of shooting gives the clip a lucid, dream-like point of view that perfectly matches the coarse shoegaze of the song. “Danny Delete” is the first track on Wax Witches’ latest album, Memory Painting, which is out now on Burger Records.

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