Video: The Bad Pelicans – “Couch Pizza”

July 1, 2016

Much like eating a pizza without moving from the couch, The Bad Pelicans‘ “Couch Pizza” is a punch to the gut. I found the Parisian garage punk group in, of all places, Vogue. The magazine released a series of portraits from Burger RecordsBurger Boogaloo festival. I stopped on one particular photo of a couple in which the man was wearing the same pair of sunglasses I had snagged from a rockabilly party at my work the night before. While it was the stellar pair of pink, cat-eye glasses that drew me in, the mention of a Parisian garage rock band that I’d never heard of enticed me further.

This video and tune are the crunchy, swollen garage mess I’ve been looking for recently. Fully lacking pretension, “Couch Pizza” embraces the do-nothing days of youth and then swallows them whole. It’s instrumentation is simple and its message is loud and clear. Overdriven riffs and a thundering bassline are mirrored in the VHS video of the band procrastinating inventively around a small apartment. A chunky slice of skateboarding, sunglasses, poo and pizza, the clip is a slightly grimey crash landing that I still can’t believe I found because of Vogue.

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