Session: Joy Again

July 26, 2016

There is something irresistible about Joy Again. Maybe it’s their carefree approach to creating music, their comical interactions continually occurring on and off stage, or just their youthful curiosity. Whatever it is, it’s engaging to listen to and incredibly fun to watch. In a sea of lo-fi pop connoisseurs, their songs emerge smarter and more complex, none moreso then “Looking Out For You.” While its message is actually quite sad, this love song for a girl has a giddy melody that will never leave your head.

For the video, we wanted something that really collided head on with the exuberance of the song. A grocery store (or in this case a co-op) seemed a suitably colorful and delightfully unusual backdrop to soak in the bright tones of this pop tune and let its performers well… perform. With the help of some friends, they really brought to life the produce section of Mariposa Food Co-op in West Philly. Watch, giggle, grab a snack and watch again.

“Looking Out For You” and its B-side, “How You Feel,” are out now on Luck Number Music. Catch Joy Again live on a stacked Philly bill with Lithuania and Shelf Life at PhilaMOCA this Saturday, July 30th.

Many, many thanks to Bob Sweeney for shooting, editing, and co-conceptualizing the session, Wyatt Oberholzer and Eric Muth for engineering and mixing, and Rocky and the whole community of Mariposa Food Co-op for letting us use their store and their kind hospitality.

The original:

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