Digging Deeper

Digging Deeper: Video Roundup

July 19, 2016

Lots of stellar music videos have been popping up lately. When you combine a song with the rights colors, movement, and storyline, it makes the track shine. Here are a few videos I’ve been repeatedly watching recently that do just that.


Julia Jacklin – “Leadlight”

Julia Jacklin directed the clip for her debut album’s second single, “Leadlight.” Set in her old school hall, the visuals reexamine her familiar haunts with a fresh perspective. Manipulation of frame rate, colorization, and careful shot framing emphasize the sugar-coated longing of the melody.


FEWS – “10 Things”

Truly, I never saw this one coming. The understated frenzy of the song propels this surrealistic bowling adventure forward at just the right speed. I love that there is also a pair singing along karaoke style in the background while it all unfolds. You have to watch to understand.


Shelf Life – “The Earth”

Though I just wrote about “Mortal Bus Boy,” I could have written about any song on Shelf Life’s Alright, Okayyy. Scotty just released this trippy little clip for another track off the album called “The Earth.” Enhanced by slow zooms, blood is splattered by a comically masked fighter lurking amongst the flash of multi-colored lights. The fighter turns out to be someone familiar as the song resolves in comforting darkness.


AURORA – “I Went Too Far”

I’ve been listening to this album all year. It’s quite an ethereal pop wonderland. Every song has had an enchanting visual pairing but I think the simplicity of these shots results in something incredibly transportive. And, let’s face it – this song is addictive.


O’ Little Sister – “I Want A Boyfriend Just Like Tin Tin”

I love everything Lucinda does but the way this video is set up just matches her so well. And this song is perfection with a quiet heart.


Mumblr – “Olé”

There’s a lot of heavy emotion in Mumblr’s latest album. “Olé” is no exception. The dancing in this clip is sometimes comical but completely alluring. It builds in tension along with the clamoring percussion and howl of the spit-fire refrain.


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