Videos: Cub Sport Y-Not Radio Session

June 24, 2016

Brisbane’s Cub Sport was one of the first bands I loved when I started in the industry in 2012. Their particular brand of pop is warm, inviting, and wholly immersive. Succumbing to the joy of the effervescent “Evie” or sun-soaked sheen of “Paradise” is unavoidable even on first listen. While bright and lighthearted tunes seem to dominate their early material, their new album, This Is Our Vicedigs deeper into Tim’s glossy songwriting. Fully embracing emotions and tackling them head on, the collection envelopes Tim’s graceful lilt in layers of intricate little touches that expand to create an almost tangible world of longing.

On their current US tour, Tim, Sam, Zoe and Dan stopped by Spice House Sound here in Philadelphia to record a live session for Y-Not Radio. They recorded three live songs and we had a lovely chat about how their process of creating music has changed over time, Brisbane, and their Snapchat exploits. Watch live versions of “Come On Mess Me Up,” “Stay,” and “I’m on Fire” from the new album shot and edited by Bob Sweeney below and tune into Y-Not Radio for the interview.

Cub Sport | Y-Not Radio | Spice House Sound | Bob Sweeney

Tune in HERE for the interview!


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