Session: Mumblr

June 6, 2016

Mumblr are never afraid to be exactly themselves. Within the ever-impressive flow of punk bands seeping from Philadelphia basements, they have always stood out. One listen through their first full-length, Full of Snakes, reveals a certain tumultuous magnetism. Their particular brand of punk is deeply saturated with emotion that exposes itself in their kinetic melodies and welcoming world of warm textures. Coated in an accessible, almost goofy exterior, each song is an examination of a life question that is currently or has plagued them. That complexity begets a unique experience with every listen as nuances pop from the brash layers.

An important part of Mumblr is their captivating live show. Whether packed between sweating teenagers and exposed insulation or on the stage of nearly every venue in the city, they never give less than 8000% during a performance. It’s not hard to see they feel every note along with the audience, making their shows less of a performance and more of a collective musical adventure.

As they approach the release of their sophomore album The Never Ending Get Down, we wanted to capture Mumblr as they are in 2016. There was no better place to do so then in their own living room/practice space. It is a testament to the culture of music appreciation in Philadelphia and the band that their neighbors have not once complained. On a gloomy spring afternoon, they brought to life their instantly catchy single “Microwave” with all the energy and humor described above. If you look closely, you’ll find a Marilyn Monroe poster with the face of Jesus. And don’t worry, we didn’t burn down the microwave.

The Never Ending Get Down comes out this Friday June 10th on Fleeting Youth Records. You’ll definitely want to be emotionally thrashing at Mumblr’s Record Release Show this Saturday the 11th at PhilaMOCA with Amanda X and MANNEQUIN PUSSY.

Many, many thanks to Bob Sweeney for shooting, editing, and co-conceptualizing the session and to Scott Stitzer of Stolen Studios for recording and mixing.

The original:

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