One Swell Day

One Swell Day: And The Kids & Vundabar

June 14, 2016

And The Kids and Vundabar make kinetic music with a clever heart. Both bands released albums last year that have been my go-to recommendations for anyone looking to discover a new but enduring sound. Their music moves in ways that only they can control. Live and recorded, the push and pull of their sliding riffs and melodies is almost tangible. For And The Kids, texture in overlapping phrases melds into a twinkling proclamations of thought. Vundabar have a bit more jolting blasts of energy, guitar, and warbling vocals with pauses tucked in just the right spots in between. Unassumingly, they take listeners on a ride through their respective sonic landscapes with style.

When And The Kids and Vundabar came through Milkboy last week, the two bands took photos on disposable cameras of all the mischief that goes on during a night of tour.  If you like chins, slightly contorted bodies, and fun, then you are really going to love this photo set. Their combined playlist is testament to their unique musical tastes that resulted in a peculiar but comforting list of tracks with character. Quiet songs from local friends, literally unforgettable classics, a bit of hip hop, and some old French pop all come together to form a long, quirky set of songs they are currently loving. Listen below and look above and it will be just like you were there too!

AND THE KIDS: | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Bandcamp

VUNDABAR: BandcampFacebook | Twitter | Instagram

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