Tune: Her’s – “What Once Was”

May 2, 2016

Still living in listless entanglement, I found “What Once Was” today and fell deeply into its jangly sway. Liverpool duo Her’s are relatively new on the block but they have already found a way to expand their luscious pop on only their second released track. “What Once Was” (the B-side to “Dorothy”) pulsates sweetly with glossy guitar riffs and a syncopated bassline underneath Stephen Fitzpatrick’s throaty baritone. It creates a serene but dejected atmosphere that lingers with all its pieces snuggly tucked in together. Amidst the ethereal oo’s and longing verses, the song breaks down into a thick wall of methodically shifting pop. Like tears glistening in sunshine, the track finds the perfect balance of radiance and heartbreak.

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