Tune: The loner(s) – “the f word”

April 27, 2016

Whether singular or plural, thoroughly dejected or just mildly disenchanted, Rochester’s The loner(s) have a tingle-inducing charm. His quiet, little ballads fits quite snuggly under the DIY umbrella, crafting natural imperfections into heartwarming melodies. On Bandcamp, he has compiled an impressive collection of big and small unassuming releases that all echo with the same brightly toned sadness. I found his music today through a particularly quaint number recorded on an analogue 4-track recorder. “the f word” is paced so gracefully. Its tape bends have a wobbly feel that warms to a golden sheen. Drifting through the sugary pings of the synth and the serene imagery in the second verse, there is unavoidable heartbreak, regret, and realization. That juxtaposition is what makes it so great and so memorable. Dig into more of The loner(s) on Bandcamp and have glance at the song’s tragic lyrics while you set it on repeat.

before all of that shit
i called you ——-
but i wasn’t the first
i won’t take credit
i won’t lie
like i did to myself
all autumn
and through the wintertime
much to high i guess
i neglected
real life

kissing through a screen
seeing your skin
through a mist
thrashing in the dark
fuck my life
but i won’t fuck you

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