One Swell Day

One Swell Day: SUN CLUB & PWR BTTM

April 5, 2016

SUN CLUB and PWR BTTM write their names literally and perform metaphorically in all caps. Both bands are unashamedly themselves. SUN CLUB’s tropical force of entangled percussion, yowls, and spirited guitar is an intense display of musical creativity. PWR BTTM’s glitter-coated pop delivers intricate guitar riffs and frank lyrics in a full range of emotions. The Dongo Durango and Ugly Cherries made it to the tippy top of my favorite albums of the year list for 2015 because each is instantly memorable in its own way. If you’re not already hooked on their recorded material, you’ll find it nearly impossible not to fall in love with the added vigor and humor of their live shows.

When the two bands came around on tour with Ra Ra Riot in March, they snapped some photos on disposable cameras of what the aforementioned magic looks like behind the scenes. Between the fierce selfies and cute candids, there’s a whole lot of love and little bit of fried chicken. The Districts even made it into the photo set too. While you look, you can also listen (below) to a playlist of 29 songs that SUN CLUB and PWR BTTM are currently loving, featuring new releases from labelmates, indie classics, The Sugarcubes, and Mariah Carey.

SUN CLUB: | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

PWR BTTM: BandcampFacebook | Twitter (Band/Ben) | Twitter (Liv) | Instagram

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