One Swell Day

One Swell Day: Spookyland

April 15, 2016

Spookyland traverse genres and emotions with ease. The signature heartbroken sound of the Sydney-based band, particularly frontman Marcus Gordon’s snarling howl, have stuck with me since my first listen through “Adventure Song.” Their expressive blend of Americana and indie pop unfolds slowly with a passion that is raw and unapologetic. Experts in storytelling and gradual anthemic builds, the band balances Gordon’s voice and the occasional harmonica with solid walls of electric guitar. On produced records and live in person, Spookyland is a fully entrancing experience.

They hopped up to NYC for a few shows after SXSW and documented a bit of their night at Mercury Lounge on a disposable camera for us. If you rotate through the pictures quickly enough, it becomes much like a flip book tour of the green room with a surprise glance inside. To sonically represent their time on tour, the four members contributed equally to a playlist of songs they were listening to at the time. Their chosen list of tracks pulls a lot of deep cuts from cherished artists, a few new indie stand outs, and a taste of experimental soundscapes. Look above and listen below!

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