One Swell Day

One Swell Day: Eating Pizza with Death By Unga Bunga

March 2, 2016

Death By Unga Bunga are Norwegian garage pop party starters with a penchant for pizza. If you have been following this blog, you’ll know I have an insatiable addiction to garage pop that they fit quite nicely. Death By Unga Bunga’s particular brand is carefree and rowdy. It’s kind of like what fun would sound like if it was tenderized by a buzzing bassline, whipped with fuzz-toned guitars, glazed in harmony, and sprinkled with tambourine. Their latest album, Pineapple Pizza, is not only named after a tropical version of the cheese-covered treat but it also begins with a track called “Dollar Slice.”

Going through their pictures and playlist (appropriately titled “Pineapple Pizza”), I regretted not being able to attend what seemed to be an eclectic pizza get down to remember. The collection of songs and genres comprising their playlist are something not often (if ever) found on Swell Tone but have a welcoming sense of familiarity. “Pineapple Pizza” will leave you hypnotized somewhere between a shimmy and a shake.

Come party with them in Philly on March 25th at Kung Fu Necktie. Pineapple Pizza (the album) is out March 4th but you can listen below.

More Death By Unga Bunga: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Pineapple Pizza 

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