One Swell Day

One Swell Day: Citrus City Records

March 16, 2016

Virginia’s finest little tape label, Citrus City Records, came to town this December for a stellar showcase with Philadelphia’s own Third Floor Tapes. Smallhands (Va), Collin Thibodeauxx (Va), TributeKrispy Kareem, and Frontyards took the stage/basement floor at Hong Kong Garden for a night of DIY rock to remember. Manny and the rest of the gang at Citrus City took some disposable camera pictures over the course of their stop in Philadelphia. In the Internet world of small blogs and small labels, it’s easy to make musically like-minded friends. But, it’s much harder to enjoy music and come together as a larger community in person. The snaps represent just how fun that can be. Manny had the following to say about his time here in The City of Brotherly Love:

It was just great going into a place we’ve never really been before and being welcomed by a lot of friendly people. The people we met in Philly were so supportive and receptive to what we are doing. I love the open and supportive group vibes I got from the people at Third Floor Tapes. Just a nice feeling meeting genuine people.

To pair with the theme of the evening and the photos, Manny also made us a playlist that combines his favorite bands from Philly and Virginia. It includes everything from hip-hop to ambient pop. Have a listen below and a look above and you’ll feel like you’re in two states at once.

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