Digging Deeper

Digging Deeper: Old Friends, New Videos

March 4, 2016

A ton of great videos came out recently and these are my favorite few. Live or sharply produced, they represent the artist’s identity and sound with creativity. Have a look at these 12 clips:

Tacocat – “I Hate the Weekend”

A bit hard to believe such such a blasting party of a video is for a song called “I Hate the Weekend.” But, that’s exactly the point. The celebration in the video is just the kind of weekend blow out that people with 24/7 kind of jobs can’t stand. And still, the video is just as irresistibly lively as Tacocat.


Cub Sport – “I Can’t Save You”

Cub Sport work behind the scenes on a soapie featuring some of Brisbane’s finest that turns out to be somewhere between a dream and a nightmare. Directed by The Creases‘ Joe Agius, the video’s muted tones match the lightness of the track.


Mumblr – “Super!”

Everyone’s favorite punk band with a heart released a freaky, distorted video for their song “Super!” Its minimalistic juxtaposition of shadows, colors, and phrases lets the song speak loudly for itself. Help them raise money for a new van by going to this show tomorrow featuring a stacked line up with some of my favorite bands in the city.


Fast, furious, fun and colorful, this clip couldn’t be any more fitting to Fruit Bomb. It’s glorious combination of mario kart, dodgeball, and in your face punk about love.


Amber Arcades – “Right Now”

I’ve been loving the mellow pop of Amber Arcades. Her video transforms young boys gardening in a greenhouse into a cool-hued, misty dream that pairs perfectly with “Right Now.”


Miya Folick – “Oceans”

If a young girls jewelry played “Oceans” on repeat, this is exactly what the ballerina would dance like. Like everything Miya, no emotions are spared.


Abi Reimold – “Mask”

Jay Miller somehow captures the duality of Abi’s raging track with a chicken suit, holding the song’s urgency with a playful attitude.


Violent Soho – “Viceroy”

Al of Violent Soho’s music videos have been well thought out but this one is special. It visualizes the band’s essence with humor, ingenuity, hair whips, and full on set dressing in one shot.


Gaelynn Lea – “Someday We’ll Linger in the Sun”

Bob and the rest of the voters for the Tiny Desk Concert really did pick a winner this year. A quiet and understated charisma come from the haunting melody and high pitched voice. Every note is heartfelt. See Bob’s full write up on Gaelynn Lea here.


Car Seat Headrest – “The Drum”, “Drunk Drivers/Killer Whales”, & “Sober To Death”

Will Toledo just really knows how to write songs that stick. I have watched this video more than 50 times, succumbing over and over again to the patience of the second song, the little heartbeat of tiny drums in the first, and the resounding choir in the last.


SHEER MAG – “Nobody’s Baby”

Every time a new SHEER MAG track comes out, I usually describe it as “fire.” This one is a bit gentler than that. The VHS-tastic video is expertly lit to highlight SHEER MAG’s full on live performance.


PWR BTTM – “West Texas”

Abandon PWR BTTM with glitter and odds and ends in an old desert water park at sunset and you’ll only get magic. Their individual personalities shine in this. Utterly pumped for them to come to town tomorrow.

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