Video: Free Cake For Every Creature – “For You”

February 4, 2016

Free cake for every creature has perfected a sort of pop that is small but delightful. Formerly the home recording project of Katie Bennett, free cake for every creature is now a four person outfit based in Philadelphia. Bennett’s airy voice and clever lyrical wanderings on love, the little things, and finding comfort are now surrounded by just the right amount of guitars and a warm and friendly rhythm section. “For You” is the first single off their upcoming album Talking Quietly of Anything With You and it is entirely irresistible. A quiet joy abounds in the quirky metaphors that express Bennett’s resolve to love, each as surprisingly relatable as the gleeful chorus’s abrupt ‘ooh’s. The video reflects the pleasant and inherent awkwardness of the song in split-screen donut chomping, plastic jewelry purchases, and walks down all-too-familiar Philadelphia streets. While spirited body movin’ can be seen through the whole clip, the ending montage of small dancing that includes members of Hello Shark and I tried to run away when I was six is (arguably) the best .

Talking Quietly of Anything With You is out April 15th on Double Double Whammy.

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