Tune: Dream Wife – “Hey Heartbreaker”

February 17, 2016

Dream Wife makes a catchy kind of pop that is rooted in the past and delivered with fresh aplomb. The part-Icelandic, part-English trio’s latest single, “Hey Heartbreaker,” is a veritable pop slap to the face. Its surly guitar riff is cushioned by sugary harmonies and trampled over by the blaring chorus. All the pieces of the song are just riotous enough to still be fun, shimmying forward with a taunting audacity. A clever tip of the hat to an old italian concierge (according to NME), “Hey Heartbreaker” will invigorate your inner riot grrrl and get your feet moving. It is the first single off of Dream Wife’s self-titled debut EP that is set to come out on March 11th.

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