One Swell Day

One Swell Day: Eating Pizza With Shari Heck

February 2, 2016

Shari Heck is a Philadelphia musician, artist, and lover of pizza. I fell in love with her quiet, honest songwriting as Cyberbully Mom Club (aka CBMC) at Walla Fest (RIP) in 2014. My favorite song she’s written no longer exists online but “(don’t go)” comes in as a close second. I wrote about CBMC’s full band demo of “Kind” last year and the way it held the same sort of unassuming magnetism as Shari’s early demos. Moving forward from CBMC, her earnestness storytelling, minimalistic pop, and creativity continue to blossom as ÒOR and in DATE WORK.

Having expressed her emotions through both gleeful and dejected songs, she is familiar with the blues but she knows also how to cure them. Shari made a playlist for us that acts as a quirky, fun antidote to the doldrums of winter and unrequited love. “Fightin’ The Blues By The Slice”  has 90’s deep cuts and modern, indie pop gems that pair perfectly with an extra large, extra cheese pie and a personal size dance party. Shari took some pictures for us eating pizza with her pals at Goldilocks Gallery. They are filled with friendship and lots of cheese.

More Shari Heck: Soundcloud | ÒOR | DATE WORK | CBMC  

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