One Swell Day

One Swell Day: Eating Pizza with Dominic Angelella

February 29, 2016

Dominic Angelella is DRGN King, 1/2 of Lithuania, and a fan of pizza. In the Philadelphia music scene and beyond, it would be hard to find someone more creatively active and supportive of his fellow music community members than Dom. Consistently finding new ways to make beautiful music, he can hold his own in performing, discussing, and being a hardcore fan of a wide range of genres.

It’s no surprise that when we asked him if he’d like to make a pizza playlist, he took it to the next level: Europe. Filling in on bass for Philly experimental rockers and top-notch performers mewithoutYou‘s tour of Europe, Dom captured the journey on film, in sound, and … with pizza. The veritable pizza Jesus (see his song “Holy Ghost“) even captioned every picture of his adventure and compiled an impressively varied playlist that includes brand new tracks and obscure deep cuts. He had the following to say:

Ok here we go…so in late January, I flew over to Europe with mewithoutYou. I was asked to fill in as the Euro-Tour-Bassist. We rehearsed for a few months and then all hopped on a plane to Prague. Having never been to Europe before, I was reasonably stoked. Here’s some pictures and some songs I was listening to on the trip.

See Dom play solo material live at Everybody Hits on Sunday March 6th with Sons of an Illustrious Father, Jackie Paper, and Horsecops.

More Dominic Angelella: Twitter | DRGN KING | Lithuania  

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