One Swell Day

One Swell Day: Eating Pizza with Pine Barons & The Districts

January 20, 2016

Two of my favorite Philly bands and loads of my favorite people also happen to love pizza. Pine Barons and The Districts are connected by intertwined band histories, a sincere approach to making music and enjoying life, and… well… pizza. Their kindness and creativity often find them surrounded by talented, like-minded friends/tour family. When I asked them all to let me photograph them while eating pizza and making a playlist, no one had any objections. It turned out as weirdly wonderful as spending any night with them might.

“Clam Jam Pizza Fam” is a bit of a roller coaster ride through decades, true jams, and new favorites that holds tight to a sense of inclusion. While they all contributed to the first 29, I added the last. Joy Again‘s “Looking Out For You” was the song I listened to on repeat all the way home. Hiding love reluctancy in a giddy melody, its warmth washes over in waves of the same welcoming feeling that filled the night.

Disposable camera pics by Alex Beebe and yours truly
Digital photos by Brad Pulley & Alex Beebe – Edited by Caitlin McCann

Pictured above: Pine Barons | The DistrictsCaitlin McCann | Ryan Farber + more

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