One Swell Day

One Swell Day: Eating Pizza with King Pizza Records

January 27, 2016

King Pizza Records have been mashing together lo-fi music of all kinds and pizza for a few years now. Listening to Brooklyn’s tastiest record label is “like having a pizza party for your ears. And the toppings are slices of garage, punk, sludge, psych, power pop, and other nasty, fuzzy things.” They are experts at curating fun, loud, and fast sounds that hurt as good as a cheap slice of pizza.

Greg Hanson, the “Big Cheese” and founder of King Pizza Records, (pictured above) made us a greasy, mouth-watering wallop of a playlist that is layered with gritty, adrenaline-packed jams.  A story through songs, Hanson painted the full picture of “Pizza Party Shutdown” below.

The story of the perfect night. Pizza party with all your friends, all your favorite substances, and nothing better to do. You get too lit, the cops come and bust it up, you make a daring escape, and you live another day to wake up…and do it all again.

Black and white logo by Iain D. Burke & Matt Delbridge

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