Video: Findlay – “Junkfood”

November 4, 2015

Never one to turn down a healthy dose of girl pop, Findlay has become a recent fuzz-coated favorite of mine. The young, London pop songstress is filled with sass and attitude that points directly at societal issues we all face. Her latest video and song tackle the odd glamour the commercial food industry forces upon us in unhealthy treats. With lyrics like “get rich quick or diet trying,” the swelling, anticipatory beats and simmering guitars are just the slightly psychedelic facade of an examination of the food industries negative effects in clever pop culture word play. “Junkfood” is the kind of pop song that should be making waves. No surprise, the video looks like an colliding, Instagram-esque explosion of bright colors, smattered food, and writhing beauties.

On Clash, Nat Findlay described the video as follows:

The video is a satire of the food, diet and beauty industry, with the banned protein world advert being the main point of inspiration to mock the societal pressures we all face to look a certain way, consume a certain way and turn a blind eye the negative impacts our behaviour has on each other and the planet.

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  • Ben Phipps November 20, 2015 at 11:18 am

    Cool song!