Tune: Benedict Benjamin – “Thin Skin”

November 9, 2015

Some songs are all to easy to fall in love with and Benedict Benjamin‘s “Thin Skin” is one of them. There’s something familiar in his vocal delivery and the song’s sunny propulsion. Formerly of The Mariner’s Children and Peggy Sue, London songwriter Ben Rubinstein shines in his comfortable amalgamation of 60’s-tinged folk and pop on his solo journey as Benedict Benjamin. “Thin Skin” gently tugs on the heart strings that Rubinstein leaves open for all the world to manipulate. Charging with a certain force of emotion, the lofty chorus is diffused only by quiet lyrical confessions on the verses in between. Take a moment to soak in every honest and gruff inch of “Thin Skin,” the very promising beginning to his full length debut, Night Songs, out in March of next year.

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