Album: Eerie Summer – the way i don’t understand anything anymore

November 3, 2015

Eerie Summer‘s new album is solace in a cloudy cluster of pop. Found at my favorite time to dig for gems (when I’m the only one awake) on a wee, little blog called Gold Flake Paint, the way i don’t understand anything anymore strikes all the right chords, literally and metaphorically. A collection not to be separated, the album paints a pastel portrait of uncertainty in life and love in layers of dreamy repetition. It’s smooth and delicate with a forward purpose and finds meaning in its quest to answer the unanswerable questions of early adulthood.

The unassuming Russian duo remain ethereal yet determined on each track, soaking every polished inch of slowly shifting guitar in heaps of reverb. Whether longing for more in two-part harmony against a buzzing, fuzzed out bassline in “never good enough” or trudging through the tambourine heavy saunter of “weird around you,” each song proves an all too relatable point in gently echoing waves of soft sound. It’s sad to hear this will be their final release as a group and means I’ll have to set it on repeat all the more often. Soak it all in below and head to their Soundcloud for some earlier material.

Favorite Tracks: never good enough, weird around you & i don’t need anybody else (but you)

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