Tune: Wooden Indian – “Teenage Sun”

August 3, 2015

“Teenage Sun” is a song I could listen to on endless repeat. A single from Phoenix band Wooden Indian‘s latest album Moan Info, it’s a song you can’t fully take in one listen. As the the lyrics drip from the mouth of Wally Boudway, intricate instrumentation churns in inexplicable harmony like a well oiled machine. “Teenage Sun” refuses to dig deeply into a defining genre, dancing artfully around psychedelic rock amongst a whirling wind of elements from folk, blues, world, and pop. Impressive guitar work and a myriad of texturizing percussion drift into, quite possibly, the perfect sound representation of an insanely hot summer’s day. I guess a band from Arizona would know exactly what that feels like.

I couldn’t find a whole lot of information on Wooden Indian as a band. But, I did find this little bio on an old event page that succinctly captures their essence:

The music of Wooden Indian is composed by vocalist Wally Boudway and his longtime creative collaborator Ross Andrews. The songs are enacted in a joint effort with the Thunder Choir: David Moroney (bass, drum kit, percussion), Greg Muller (drum kit), James Hanna (bass, percussion), Patrick Rowland (piano, synthesizer, percussion), and Tony Patino (samples, synthesizer, banjo). Wooden Indian blends elements of folk-blues, avant-garde electric rock, Afro-pop, soundtrack, and world music into a concoction unlike any other.

Swim in the spiraling depths of Moan Info below.

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