Tune: PWR BTTM – “Dairy Queen”

August 13, 2015

Following the release of the rollicking and addictive “Ugly Cherries,” New York self-dubbed “gender-queer” duo PWR BTTM have got a new track that ricochets from mundanity to insanity. “Dairy Queen” centers around a common place of thought explosion: the shower. It is a short and honest ode to the endless possibilities of alternatives to every day responsibilities. A plump pop song with the urgency of punk, “Dairy Queen” boasts impressive guitar work and particularly haunting bridge of harmonized ‘oo’s that barrel into some unabashed shredding. It’s spunky sonics pair perfectly with the wandering ramblings, just as they have on PWR BTTM’s last two singles. Band members Benjamin Walter Hopkins and Liv Bruce know how to be wholeheartedly themselves and that’s what makes their music so inviting and relatable. The duo are set to release their debut album, Ugly Cherries, is out September 18th on Father/Daughter Records and Miscreant Records. If I could line up outside a store to get the album like Harry Potter fans for a new book, I would. “But, right now, I’m in the shower.”

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