Tune: Miya Folick – “Oceans”

August 4, 2015

With every released single, I find myself loving Miya Folick in a new way. The Los Angeles songwriter has a gift for expression emotion through song that comes out quite naturally. “Oceans” is her fourth single this year and to date. It would be fair to say that it is her best yet and also not so. In the case of Ms. Folick, there is no better or worse but equally exquisite compositions overflowing with thoughts and feelings. “Oceans” is a dark and lonely ballad that finds solace in the lulling sway of its arpeggiated chords. Each note of the effortless melody floats gracefully from Folick’s mouth in pondering whispers and vindictive, warbling howls. A rollicking punch fills its center as a full band consumes all the spaces in between the forlorn bones of the song. Softer than anything former singles and yet just as raw, “Oceans” might sound best in the dark of night through a pair of headphones. Keep falling in love with more Miya Folick below.

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