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Playlist: William Yell Overture

August 7, 2015

Shout. Shout! LET IT ALL OUT!

Sometimes life is spectacular, and every so often it’s trials and tribulations leave you feeling like a wrinkly, deflated balloon. The constant inhales and exhales of emotion build and build until finally you pop. Whether you’re exclaiming in exaltation or utter frustration, nothing beats a good, unbridled yowl. This week we bring you the soundtrack to your next screaming sing-a-long in the shower, the car, or any place where you feel no shame. Packed with kick drum punches and enough guitar gain to let you skip the gym, these tracks channel an attitude that puts your middle-school sass to shame. The catchy, warbled choruses leave you with scrunched eyes and furrowed brows as you catch all the feels. Grab a hairbrush and strain your windpipe in time to the William Yell Overture.

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