Digging Deeper

Digging Deeper: Hello Shark – “Fishing For Bats”

August 18, 2015

Hello Shark has that quality that seems to unite Philly artists as a musical community: an intangible something extra that smolders not too far below the surface. Lincoln Halloran’s (Hello Shark) DIY pop is bolder, bigger, and brighter without ever shedding its unpretentious shell. Each song redirects heartbreak into meticulous snapshots of mundanity, filling sadness with imagery as quaint as his desolate pop. While Halloran has been making music and playing shows for a number of years, I saw him for the first and second time in the past week at Walla Fest and Everybody Hits. Hearing and seeing him play live makes even more sense of his understated sound that sticks in such an unexpected way.

“Fishing For Bats,” has been whirring around in my mind ever since those shows. Halloran’s drab recollections tiptoe forward to the comforting tick of a drum machine as the simple melody swings gently in his almost spoken lyrics. The verses build positive memories into a tall mountain of sadness that softly erupts into a high-pitched guitar whistling like a boiling tea kettle. His slow guide through the world of lost love is enchanting and refreshingly straightforward.

If you wanna see Hello Shark for yourself, he’ll be at Johnny Brenda’s on September 15th with Weyes Blood and Little Wings. Below are a few more of my favorite Hello Shark tracks .

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