Album: Shannen Moser – you shouldn’t be doing that

August 5, 2015

Shannen Moser has quickly made her way onto my growing list of Philly favorites. It takes only one of her live performances to experience her natural, understated charm and ability to write gentle pop songs bursting with character. My first glimpse of said allure was her set amid the First Unitarian Church floor at the Girls To The Stage Compilation show in April. Standing under a spotlight on the familiar alphabet carpet, she reticently unearthed her emotions in short set that provided a tantalizing introduction to her clever songwriting. Since her album, you shouldn’t be doing that, came out in May, it has been constantly reappearing in my listening cue because it never seems to grow old.

The album is a quaint collection of little home recordings that exude big potential. Its inherent sadness is oddly comforting and never overwhelming. Moser’s voice and guitar work shine equally throughout, both taking turns in the forefront of her hopeful melodies. Complexity is woven through the alternating guitar riffs, twinkling synths, and distant harmonies that give this lo-fi album an unexpected depth. Over the thirteen tracks, her introspective rumination releases itself in festering howls and distant echoes as Moser works through pain, confusion, and general wonderings. Succumb to her sincerity below. Catch Moser at Walla Fest this week or Flem Fest next weekend.

Favorite Tracks: dog, family vacation, & “witch hunt”

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