Video: Sianna Plavin – “Cruel”

July 29, 2015

On first listen, Providence songstress Sianna Plavin‘s atmospheric folk leaves an impression. The simplicity of her most recent single, “Cruel,” is burdened by a deeper meaning drawn, perhaps, from intangible experienced gained through passage of life as it comes. Nestled between that ever-so-softly plucked guitar riff, the timbre of Plavin’s voice echoes in harmony but also distinct isolation. Guitar layers creep in progressive complexity, further warping the distant sounds of the dark, enchanting tune.

Dancers Lily Kind and Kat Hernandez give “Cruel” a new sense of backwoods vitality in the song’s artful clip. Gesticulating carefully in complex costuming, the pair move slowly and freely among the brush of a mountain. It captures the supernal solace equally permeating the quiet reverberations of Plavin’s lingering folk.

“Cruel” is just one song off of Plavin’s debut album Go On Now out July 31st. Listen again below.


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