Tune: The Foetals – “Malted”

July 30, 2015

Manchester’s The Foetals blast walls of sunny garage pop on their latest single, “Malted.” Led by The Pink Teens‘ Jolan Lewis, the group know their way around a good pop tune, as is evident by their debut single, “Fine” (below). Bursting with bright nostalgia, “Malted” continues where “Fine” left off with a little bit more oomph and many more ‘la’s. It’s not so often that a lackadaisical garage pop song carries as much momentum as this one. Surging riffs and thickly layered harmonies rise on splashes of cymbal and fade into smooth verses. “Malted” is the second track off of The Foetals debut album, Meet The Foetals, due out in October via PNKSLM.

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