Tune: Sunboy – “Burnout”

July 21, 2015

Sunboy have made a summer pop dream served on a glistening platter of golden sunshine. We are no stranger to this Colorado duo thanks to our friends at 80N7/Don’t Need No Melody and the song itself has been out for while. But, I just keep coming back for more “Burnout” like the repeating cycle of living life to the fullest it describes. Glitching samples, acoustic guitar, warbled voices, and a healthy dose of handclaps form a free-flowing wave of blissful sound that sits comfortably between electro and indie pop. Balance comes as the smooth vocals and spliced bits of acoustic guitar intertwine with the sample-laden beat, melding into a care-free ride to sunnier pastures. Flittering forward listlessly, it is the perfect song to get stuck on repeat in the heat of a scorching July day.

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