Tune: Sego – “The Fringe”

July 16, 2015

Sego is putting the dance back into modern punk with an effortless ease. The Los Angeles duo speak sing in apathetic chants over a driving beat and funky bassline on their latest single, “The Fringe.” It’s catchy in the casual kind of way you don’t hear too often anymore. Poetry smashed with reverberating echoes of voices and a screamable chorus shimmy and shake against the heat of the guitar and bass lines. Rhythm is equally defined by the cadence of speech as it is by the unyielding drums. Loud and rambunctious, the song’s pronounced originality will envelop your mind and ears in its slowly unwinding spiral of tinkering sound. Sego’s new EP, Long Long Way From The Fringe, arrives September 11th. The irresistible video from their previous single, “20 Years Tall,” is also below.

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